Phil Allt

Ward 3 Guelph



My #1 priority is to connect with people and assist them in building their lives and supporting their families in Guelph.


 My #2 priority is sustaining and improving Guelph which I believe can only be assured if there is active involvement and engagement by diverse individuals.


Community Connection

I am proud of what I have done so far as City Councillor for Ward 3. I’ve worked with Neighbourhood groups including – Exhibition Park, Shelldale, and Goldie Park, I have offered support to residents in the Howitt Park and the Sunny Acres Park neighbourhoods – on everything from community safety and sustainability to answering questions about proposed new developments within a community.

I have also been challenged by such issues as the  Guelph Public Library project on Baker Street which I support, and the Guelph Hydro merger – which I opposed. Budgets have been supported by me and more recently opposed.

I perform my duties at all hours of the day - 7 days a week and enjoy the challenges and the community.

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I am committed to listening and responding to the citizens of Guelph

current and future issues


Public Transit

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