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Phil Allt

Ward 3 Councillor


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I am committed to listening and responding to the citizens of Guelph

Guelph Fire
50 Wyndham St. Guelph
519 822-1260

Guelph Police
15 Wyndham St. Guelph
519 824-1212

Guelph General Hospital
115 Delhi St. Guelph
519 822-5350

Guelph City Hall
1 Carden St. Guelph
519 822-1260

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Christmas Kettle Campaign 2016

I am very humbled to have been asked by Major Chris Pilgrim to help celebrate the advent of the Salvation Army Christmas 2016 Kettle Campaign. The Salvation Army has been an institution in Guelph since 1884. I remember even as a kid donating to the campaign in...

Where Civic Pride and Responsibility Meet

Mr. Mayor, Councillors, I am speaking in favour of the motion to refer Councillor Gordon’s and my resolution to Committee. I must express some disappointment that delegates are not permitted to speak today. Yet I understand and accept that our rules do not...

Poverty Sucks

Poverty sucks which is why the 2 to 3 vote at Guelph’s Corporate Services Committee which rejected a “Living Wage” is so galling. Let’s do some number crunching. There are 27 employees at the city of Guelph who earn less than a living wage as calculated by anti...

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