Guelph Hydro, The Library & Infrastructure

The Guelph Hydro merger followed by the Baker Street/Library decision, and the decision to create an infrastructure levy are 3 very important decisions voted upon by Council.   

I voted against the Guelph Hydro merger as I still have nagging doubts about 2 or 3 issues associated with this decision including how a customer base of 1 million can be provided with better service than one of 55,000. However, now that the decision is made, it is the duty of everyone on Council to stand behind it and ensure that it is successful for Guelph. 

On the Baker Street/Library decision; I believe that it was the right move. This has been years in the making for our downtown. I will ensure that proper oversight, excellent communications and project management will be in place for this key capital project.

The Library will be an anchor for our downtown as more people move to the centre of town attracted by cultural and educational facilities like new Baker Street Library, the River Run Centre, The Sleeman Centre and also our great restaurants and shops.

Safeguarding the community is a key responsibility. Our infrastructure levy moves us forward together, thereby ensuring can replace old roads, bridges, pipes, and public buildings. If we underfund this levy we under repair Guelph’s sewers, water supply, roads, and other key elements that are relied upon by all of us each and every day.