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Comments celebrating the fundraising walk for the Alzheimer Society.

I’m very pleased to be here to offer greetings on behalf of the City of Guelph and our City Council. I want to acknowledge Councillor James Gordon who is here as well.

Thank you very much to the – walkers and fundraisers, the donors, the sponsors and of course The Alzheimer Society of Waterloo-Wellington – for all the wonderful work they do.

Thanks also to, Tom Lammer, and the management of Old Quebec Street mall for providing a warm place to walk!

More than anyone, I want to thank the families, the friends and those that support those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, people who on a daily basis offer love and support to those in their lives that require more care and attention than they might have needed just a short time ago.

I also wish to thank all the volunteers who take time out to enhance the lives of those with Alzheimer’s by visiting and performing what seem to be very ordinary tasks but often are extraordinary for those for whom they support.

I am reminded of my friend Alan Pickersgill, who played Scrabble with an elderly gentleman with whom he volunteered. This act of volunteerism clearly improved the life of that person.

Similarly, the volunteers at St Joseph’s Health Care centre are deeply appreciated. Those who provide daily activities including teas and other social events are invaluable for improving people’s lives. For me, it is personal, as my mother is supported at St Joseph’s by warm caring individuals who go the extra mile. They are literally our parents’, brothers’, sisters’ and neighbours’ keepers.

Guelph is one of many communities across Canada raising funds this weekend for the Alzheimer Society. This financial support will make a difference for people with Alzheimer’s or dementia – and their families and caregivers.

As you walk this morning, you are clearly showing that community matters in Guelph. We care about our residents. We are committed to supporting them regardless of their circumstances. We understand that love, compassion and caring are important priceless symbols of who we are as a city. People in Guelph always chip in; your personal efforts are exemplary of our wonderful city spirit of giving.

Once again thank you.